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Published 08 February 2024

Job Title: Social Worker
Location: Alice Springs, NT
Position Type: Full-time Contract 3-6 Months or Permanent
We are seeking a dedicated and compassionate Social Worker to join our team. As a leading healthcare provider, we are committed to delivering a culturally appropriate, effective, and efficient Social Work assessment and intervention service to meet the diverse needs of our patients, their families, and significant others.
Primary Objective: The Social Worker is responsible for providing a high-quality Social Work service, encompassing psychosocial assessment, intervention development, discharge planning, Family Work, counseling, and advocacy. The goal is to collaborate with health and welfare staff to achieve optimal health outcomes for patients.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide a high-quality Social Work service, including psychosocial assessment, intervention development, discharge planning, Family Work, counseling, and advocacy.
  2. Ensure continuity of care for patients through active participation in discharge planning, liaison with multi-disciplinary treatment teams, and networking with other community service providers.
  3. Ensure culturally appropriate services for patients through collaboration with Aboriginal Liaison Officers, the use of interpreters, and a demonstrated commitment to cultural education and communication.
  4. Contribute to the organization’s Continuous Quality Improvement activities, evaluation, and review of Departmental Policies and Procedures.
  5. Maintain accurate records through meticulous data collection, appropriate recording, and file keeping.
  6. Provide the highest quality Social Work service through continuous professional development, participation in clinical supervision, undergraduate fieldwork education, Performance Development Program, and attendance at relevant continuing education.
  7. Follow defined service quality standards, Workplace Health and Safety policies, and procedures to ensure high-quality, safe services and workplaces.
  8. Foster a positive workplace culture through exemplary leadership practices and role modeling behavior.

Selection Criteria: Essential:

  1. Relevant qualifications in Social Work meeting eligibility requirements of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).
  2. Post-graduate experience providing contemporary high-level clinical Social Work services to patients and families/carers, with the ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team.
  3. Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills, demonstrated conflict resolution and problem-solving ability, written and verbal skills, time management, and organizational skills.
  4. Demonstrated contemporary Social Work knowledge and theory, with a proven ability to apply theoretical frameworks for interventions in areas such as trauma, crisis, illness adjustment, loss, and grief.
  5. Commitment to continuing professional development, knowledge of the Social Work Code of Ethics, and awareness of legislation and codes relevant to practice within a health setting.
  6. Knowledge of cultural and cross-cultural issues affecting people accessing services, with the ability to apply this knowledge when working with patients, their families, and carers.
  7. Knowledge of Continuous Quality Improvement, Workplace Health and Safety, and Equal Employment Opportunity principles and policies.
  8. Willingness to participate in after-hours Social Work Services (Saturday or Sunday shifts; 0800 – 1621).
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