Oral Health Therapist Embraces Pandemic Sea Change

By Juleen Perry| Published 1 July 2021

Karen couldn’t believe her luck, securing her dream permanent role in a coastal Queensland community.

Karen is an Oral Health Therapist (OHT) who spent over twenty years developing her career in Sydney, but had tired of city life. Then a call from her Recruitment Consultant Breanna changed her life.

Was moving to a regional town something you always wanted to do? Or what inspired the change?

A few years back I felt as though a move North would be good. The appeal of living in a big city was becoming less and less each year. With work hours reduced due to COVID-19 and being placed on Job Keeper, my future in the Sydney practice felt very uncertain.

I was ready for a change so when this great opportunity fell into my lap I didn’t think twice.

Karen was excited to move to a permanent position at a local dental practice in Gladstone, Queensland after years of city life

How would you compare living regionally compared to the hustle and bustle of Sydney?

Life is so easy in Gladstone. My lifestyle has not changed at all. I still do all the same activities without the high stress living. Each week gets better and better as you meet new people and get a new routine. When I look back now at Sydney I don’t know how I kept it up for so long…25 years!

How have you been spending your free time and what’s the lifestyle change been like?

When not at work, you will always find me somewhere outside swimming, cycling or running. Gladstone is a great place for all these activities. I’ve made some great friends and lots of coffee stops means lots of socialising. My lifestyle hasn’t changed at all. I do have more money to do all the activities I love because my rent is half what Sydney was. No need for trains and busses and no COVID-19!

Karen at a local race in Gladstone, surrounded by the dental practice team

What do you love most about Gladstone, what do you enjoy most about the community?

My favorite part of Gladstone is the marina near my house and Spinnaker Park. Gladstone has a relaxed feel: no matter where you go, even in the shopping center, everyone is so friendly.

Nine months after relocating I’m still taking photos like a tourist. I’m always happy here. 

How did Cornerstone and your dental practice make the transition easy?

Cornerstone were  great support for my relocation. It was a difficult time in 2020. My Recruitment Consultant Breanna did all the liaising with the dental practice and also helped me organise all the bits that went along with having to quarantine. As I was working full time it was really hard to contact the government departments to get all the information ready for my quarantine. Actually, I doubt the move would have been possible without Breanna’s help.

I had quite a bit of contact with my dental practice before my start date so I really felt part of the team before I started. Everyone really seemed excited to have me there. 

Karen was thrilled with how she was looked after in quarantine, by her Recruitment Consultant and by her hiring dental practice.

Even from my quarantine, the dental practice owner phoned me every few days, they hired me an exercise bike to help keep me occupied and the Principal Dentist dropped of a cold bag of snacks for my drive from Brisbane to Gladstone!

They are really great at my dental practice, such a supportive team. I’ve never worked in a place that has the same feel as this. I was prepared for a bit of time to settle in but the transition was so easy. Also I have actually upskilled since leaving Sydney. 

Our Principal Dentist really is an expert in many different areas of dentistry and his focus is 100% on making sure the patients have the highest standard of care and feel looked after during their treatment. He is a great teacher and mentor. I feel so grateful to have found such a special place to work.

If you’re looking for a permanent or locum role, get in touch with the Cornerstone team today on 1300 267 300.

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