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By Michelle Padovan| Published 21 June 2024

We are thrilled to announce the grand unveiling of CMR’s new headquarters in Brisbane. Designed to inspire, innovate, and foster community, our new space is finally ready! After three weeks of working from home during the office refurbishment, our team was welcomed back with a special celebration on Friday May 21.

Set in the new town hall space, the day kicked off with a specially crafted CMR Acknowledgment to Country by the amazing First Nations composer Waveney Yasso. Her warm humour and presence set the perfect tone for the morning event as she discussed the workshop, she undertook with the CMR team to create the bespoke song titled, “We Care”.

“My through-thread from understanding and listening to everyone at the workshop was caring, and that happens in a few different ways at CMR: caring for patients, caring for the community, and caring for the country. Caring is another word for listening because you can’t care unless you digest all of that information and listen from it—to a patient and to the earth. That was the through-thread that I connected in the song.”

– First Nations artist, Waveney Yasso
First Nations Artist, Waveney Yasso with Guitar. Backdrop says Welcome
First Nations Artist, Waveney Yasso

After Waveney’s moving performance, our founders Samantha and Norbert Miklos took the stage, to thank Waveney and extend their gratitude to our team for their patience during the work-from-home period. They also began sharing their excitement about the new office and through this we start to see how truly exited they are to welcome us back and just how much effort has gone in to get to this point, revealing that the decision to take over the entire floor was made six months ago.

CMR’s previous space, occupied since 2021, housed an initial 40 internal staff. Now, three years later, the new office welcomes 100 team members, marking a significant milestone for us all at CMR, especially Samantha Miklos, who started CMR in 2012 from a humble home office. The upgrade means we have doubled our footprint, and our new space can now support up to 150 employees which presents an exciting outlook for the future as we expand to support our growing CMR community.

“Eighteen months ago, we knew we were running out of space. We explored other options around the place, and working with Centuria, we found that not many buildings around the city have five floors above ground and four underneath for parking. Our only option was to see what other spaces we had in this building.”

Norbert Miklos, CMR COO

With the decision to stay at 100 Brookes Street, Samantha Miklos emphasised the importance of sustainability and their efforts to connect the old and new spaces.

CMR’s new reception area to welcome candidates and clients

Before cutting the official ribbon, Samantha and Norbert thanked everyone involved in making our new headquarters a reality, and introduced the team at Geyer and Valmont who later gave a guided office tour to our team, who were all pretty pumped by this stage.

Alongside the new office reveal, we had the exclusive first look at the CMR brand refresh presented by Brisbane graphic design team Bright Yellow. To be unveiled in the coming days, the office foyer is already adorned with the refreshed logo along with a coffee cart shipped in for the festivities. A delightful breakfast spread awaited everyone, providing the perfect start to the day as we began to explore our new surroundings.

Allied Health recruitment consultants enjoying the event
Allied Health recruitment consultants enjoying the event

The new headquarters offers a variety of well thought out, sleek and modern features designed to enhance our productivity and well-being. These include an adaptable town hall for meetings and learning sessions, a wellness space, focus rooms, and a studio for creative projects. Norbert outlined their vision during the welcome back speech to the team;

“We worked with the wonderful team at Geyer and Valmont, and we realised it’s not just about having pod after pod—that’s not the way people work nowadays. We want quiet zones, focus rooms, and different-sized meeting rooms.”

– Norbert Miklos, CMR COO

A key feature to help us navigate the expansive new space is the carpet, which guides, changes and marks areas around the core. During the office tours, project manager Bec Cullen and designer Viviana Castro Gallego of Geyer and Valmont spoke of how the design keeps a neutral palette with subtle hints of CMR’s branding colours. They added that the spaces aim to cater to various needs, which has driven the colour palette while still reflecting CMR’s identity.

Design Team from Geyer & Valmont with Samantha & Norbert Miklos (CMR)

“We wanted to capture your collaborative way of working, so we designed the fit-out with various coloured spaces catering to different needs. We wanted to create the journey around the core, which is done with the floor, and it also helps us to centre the space,”

Viviana Castro Gallego, Geyer Designer

And with the new office to navigate, the team also have fresh new meeting room names that represent CMR’s reach out to the remote and regional towns and islands. These names serve as a continual reminder of the diverse communities with serve across Australia.

So, there you have it, with our Doctors, Nursing and Allied Health team now settled into their new neighbourhoods at CMR headquarters, we are so excited to embark on this new chapter.

We can’t wait to continue this journey showing you all the amazing plans, we have to create even greater experiences for our clients and healthcare workers.

Stay tuned for upcoming events to be announced soon.

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