BBC films at Cornerstone

By Juleen Perry| Published 3 February 2020

BBC One recently visited Cornerstone to film their popular series “Wanted Down Under”, which is due to air on 7 February in the UK and online in Australia.

“Wanted Down Under” is a long-running factual TV series in the UK which gives British families a look at life in Australia ahead of possible migration. Each episode gives a British family the opportunity to experience a trial week “down under”.

In this series, Nicola, a Dual Registered Nurse and Midwife from Lancashire in England, wants to move to Brisbane with her family for a better life. She is looking to work as a Midwife and is delighted with the salary she can receive in Australia.

Agency Nurses and Midwives working for Cornerstone are amongst the highest paid in the industry.

The BBC One crew visits Cornerstone to film “Wanted Down Under”.

Aside from looking at real estate and lifestyle opportunities, one of the main opportunities they wish to investigate is the career opportunities they love which are open to them along with the financial implications of the move. 

As part of the episode, Division Manager Janine Johnson helps Nicola navigate what she needs to do to work as a Midwife in Australia and inspires her with the “Aussie lifestyle” and what it could mean for her family.

But what does Nicole decide to do in the end – stay in the UK or migrate out to Australia as a Registered Nurse? Watch here (please note there are restrictions to watching this series outside the UK).

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