How to land your dream role

By Juleen Perry| Published 18 November 2019

There is a big difference between simply ‘getting a job’ and securing your dream role.

Don’t just get a job, secure your dream role.

1. Keep your CV simple

It takes an employer just 15 seconds to read your CV and determine your suitability for a role.

Ensure your most relevant experience and qualifications are at the beginning. Don’t overload your CV with too much detail, employers simply don’t have the time to read it. Keep it short, specific and relevant to the role you are applying for. Use bullet points to highlight your most relevant experience so it’s easy to refer to.

2. Be job ready

If you were offered your dream role today, would you be able to accept it? Too often we see people miss out on great opportunities because they’ve forgotten to keep a few things updated.

  • Competencies – Check the competencies required for your desired role are updated. Take the time to expand your clinical competencies as often as you can and list these on your CV.
  • References – All employers require at least two recent references from direct supervisors. Check your supervisors are happy to provide references and are readily available.
Check your supervisors are happy to be a referee and are accessible.
  • Credentialing Documents – Employers typically require the same documentation for you to work at a location, so keep these on file, updated and easy to access.
  • Immunisations – Keep your vaccination and serology history up to date, including your boosters.

3. Know what you want

If you don’t know what you want, it’s very hard to find your dream role.

Before you start the job hunt, identify where you want to work and the type of work that interests you the most.

Your needs will change over time. You might prefer the flexibility and higher pay rates of an agency nurse role now; but in time the security of a permanent or longer-term contract role might be more appealing.

Searching for your dream job can be an overwhelming prospect. We’d love to help you make this process easier. Contact us to find your perfect job match.

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