How Locuming Can Change Your Life!

By Juleen Perry| Published 13 September 2021

Locuming is a term which many have heard but may not truly understand until they have experienced it. Yet locuming can improve your career opportunities, pay better, strengthen your clinical practice all while allowing you to travel the country. Here we help to demystify what it means to be locum, by following the experiences of Emergency Nurse Cherie from Melbourne.

Locum work has given Cherie a new passion for her work and life.

Why did you originally become a Nurse?

Ever since Cherie can remember she wanted to become a Nurse, 19 years later she can’t imagine herself doing anything else.

“I find nursing to be a very rewarding career. I always feel that I learn something new every day, I love being a Nurse as working in Emergency I get to care for people at some of the worst times of their lives and on occasion see miracles.”

“Trauma is my passion: seeing people survive some of the most horrific injuries and being a part of their journey is a gift. I love the variety my job brings; you never know what is going to come through the door and working with patients of different ages and different acuities provides new challenges every day.”

What drove you to locum?

Cherie began to lose interest in her permanent job and found herself heading towards burnout. Hungry for a new adventure, locuming helped her to reignite her passion for work and bring excitement back into her life.

“I chose to locum as it offers variety in placements around Australia. You get to travel and see places you might have never seen. Agency work provides flexibility for choice of locations, higher pay rates, extra benefits and gives you the opportunity to gain new experiences. It has given me a new passion for my work and life.”

Where have you been on your locum placements?

Through locum work with Cornerstone, Cherie has had the opportunity to travel all over Australia and experience the raw beauty of the country.

“Over the last 2 years I have worked in Port Hedland, Mareeba, Shepperton, Mackay, Broken Hill, Blackwater, Thursday Island and currently I’m in Bairnsdale Victoria”.

“Each place has some amazing and beautiful points of interest. Once I know where I am going, I research and write a list of things to see/do and ask the staff once I begin my contract what is a must see”.

Cherie snapped this dreamy picture while on locum on Thursday Island

How has locuming helped your career?

Professionally Cherie said she has gained invaluable experience from locuming around Australia.

“I have been In Charge/Acting Nurse Unit Manager in some placements and I have learnt how well staff work together as a team when needed, I’ve also made some wonderful new friends. Working in different locations has also allowed me to learn new equipment such as different ventilators, pumps and ieMR computer programs.” 

What is it like to work with Cornerstone?

Having no prior knowledge of locum work, Cherie said she turned to Cornerstone to guide her through the process.  

“When I first started locuming I had no idea about all the different agencies around. Cornerstone were extremely helpful in the set-up process and have always been looking for contracts that suit me.”

Cherie appreciated the value that her Recruitment Consultant Becki brought to the job search process, with her specialised knowledge and the one-on-one personalised candidate experience.

“Becki is always professional, helpful and rings me regularly to check in.”

What would you say to other healthcare workers considering locuming?

The past two years for Cherie have been full of new adventures, new opportunities, and new challenges. She couldn’t speak highly enough about her experience with doing locum work.

Cherie loves being able to explore new places on her days off.

“It’s the best decision I have made, seeing new places and meeting new people.”

“I would advise anyone thinking of starting to keep their mandatory training up to date, be adaptable to new environments and make the most of your experience by finding things you like to do while on your contacts”.

Over the past two years locum work has allowed Emergency Nurse Cherie to travel all over Australia, experience new lifestyles, develop meaningful relationships and strengthen her skills as an Emergency Department Nurse.

If locum work sounds like something you would like to try, get in contact with Cornerstone Medical Recruitment today on 1300 267 300.  

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