How to recruit great staff

By Juleen Perry| Published 20 November 2019

The recruitment of staff is often done in haste, in response to an unexpected resignation.

Every employer is competing for talent and the way you differentiate yourself during the recruitment process can significantly impact your recruitment outcomes now and in the future.

1. Get team buy-in

Get your team involved in recruiting a new team member

Before you start recruiting, check in with key team members. This is a great opportunity to ensure that key colleagues are supportive of the new recruit and to refine the process before you start. Give your team the chance to:

  • Have input on the role or the profile of the successful applicant
  • Think of anyone they could refer
  • Contribute any ideas to enhance the recruitment and on-boarding process

2. Put your best foot forward

The recruitment process is the first insight future employees will have into your organisation. Applicants are making assumptions as soon as they apply to your advertisement. You will be judged on:

  • How well your ad reads
  • How quickly you respond to applications
  • Tone of your voice
  • Length of your recruitment process
  • Feedback you provide
  • Transparency with the employment contract
  • Clarity around expectations of the role
  • Communication throughout the process
  • How you make them feel
Show applicants just what a great company you are to work for

Even unsuccessful applicants are an excellent opportunity to show how well you treat people. These applicants can become a great referral source, and might be the perfect applicant down the track.

3. Signed. Sealed. Silent.

A common mistake many employers make is not keeping in regular contact with new recruits in the lead up to their start date.

The time between offering a new employee a role and their actual start date is the most critical in the recruitment process.

Great employees will rarely be let go without a fight. If you have found a ‘gem’, expect a counter offer from their existing employer.

The period before they commence work is a great opportunity to start building rapport.

  • Introduce them to the team
  • Understand their expectations if you are offering accommodation or car hire
  • If they are relocating, check in regularly to see how this is progressing

4. Reinforce their choice

Make your new recruit feel at home

The first week is a great chance to show your new employee they made
the right choice.

  • Have a welcome morning tea
  • Offer a comprehensive orientation and on-boarding process
  • Reconfirm your expectations for the role
  • Check in regularly to see how they are
  • If you offered accommodation, car hire or any extra perks, ensure expectations have been met
  • If they have relocated, consider how you could help them and their family to settle into the community a little quicker.

Many new recruits leave a position they love within the first year because their family have been unable to settle into their new location.

Every element of the recruitment process is a chance to build rapport, reinforce your team culture and values, and maximise the likelihood that this new recruit will go the distance.

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